Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Brandi!

I'm sorry that you had to make the edible version yourself. May the rest of all of your wishes come true. Thanks for making mine. Here's to another marquee year. Oh wait, that probably isn't one of your wishes.


tim & brandi said...

Thank you dear husband. Oh how I wish I were turning 26 today. As for making the cake, it's okay - sometimes baking can be very cathartic.

love, me

Lisa Mc said...

Happy Birthday Brandi!
We hope you had a great trip and a wonderful birthday!!! I'll have Bob bring a birthday treat for sunday school for you both to celebrate.

steph said...

Happy Happy Birthday Brandi dear! I hope your birthday was splendid. Brent and I have been sick the past few days, and an illness is the last thing I want to give you for your birthday. So when we are both better I will wish you a Happy Birthday in person. Thank you for being a wonderful friend/walking buddy/neighbor. We've really enjoyed getting to know you guys and look forward to many years in the future as friends (since neither of us will be moving any time soon, the way the market is going). Happy Birthday!

Tommy & Amy said...

Happy Birthday Brandi! Hope you had a great one. We're planning on being at church tomorrow, so you'll be able to see Ava then. I keep on thinking about that pumpkin chocolate bread you made. I need that recipe!